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Non-resident agencies and individuals have until mid-April to submit their annual certificate of compliance with the New York Cybersecurity Regulation.

Insurance Bills Pass PA House

Read up on legislation passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives this week that could impact snow removal liability and insurance policy changes.

Read a preview of the legislative session from IA&B’s longtime Annapolis-based lobbyist, Bryson Popham, and learn about legislation IA&B already plans to oppose.

Review the U.S. Department of Labor’s newly released bulletin for guidance on how insurance agents and brokers can comply with the new health insurance compensation disclosure requirement.

Your contribution is key to our ability to support like-minded legislators who understand the value of independent agents. Consider contributing a dollar a day in 2022.

Read a message from IA&B President & CEO Jason Ernest about the sale of the IA&B office building in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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