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Thanks to IA&B advocacy, the first step toward achieving a legislative fix to last session's passage of House Bill 98 is underway.

Are there certain coverages that consistently are unavailable in the admitted market? Submit them for consideration to the export list.

Access the newly released, state-specific 2023-Q3 Property & Casualty Marketplace Summary. Having concrete data about market conditions and carrier responses can help you have educated conversations with your customers.

NFIP Renewal Policy Change

NFIP renewal policies now will require National Producer Numbers (NPNs). Watch for your WYO carrier's communication as some systems may not be able to populate NPNs.

Insights on Market Conditions

Access the state-specific Property & Casualty Marketplace Summaries to anticipate market conditions and carrier responses, plus have educated conversations with customers.

If you write flood through the NFIP with a Write-Your-Own (WYO) program, compare commissions with those offered through The Hartford Flood program for IA&B of Maryland members.

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