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Struggling to Write an Agency Procedures Manual?

We have a better option – a complete, customizable Agency Procedure Manual (APM).
You can tailor this manual to fit your agency with little time and effort.
It’s a customizable collection of electronic documents that insurance agencies can use to formally document business procedures and policies.
The APM contains more than 120 forms, worksheets, and checklists as well as links to related IA&B resources.
It includes procedures for:
This manual is ideal for:
The APM breaks down processes into easy-to-follow steps to ensure work is done consistently by all staff, and tasks do not fall through the cracks. By defining what to do and when to do it, the APM also helps new staff learn the job faster by using it as a guide, which leads to increased efficiency.

Frequent Q&As

Why is it essential for my agency to have an APM?
There’s a reason why E&O carriers often require agencies to have a policies and procedures manual. If your agency is sued for E&O, the plaintiff’s attorney will generally probe for weaknesses by verifying if all staff provide the same answers about what they do, how they do it and how they document it. Consistency in your agency’s staff responses will establish credibility. Of course, consistency also helps prevent errors in the first place.
Is this manual state specific?
No, the core of the APM is to establish procedures in the agency that are based on common processes for independent insurance agencies across the country. It is not state-specific. Agencies can adjust much of the procedures by tailoring them to their own timelines, whether these timelines are based on agency preferences, state or even carrier requirements.
Can I have a sneak-peek?
How will I receive the APM?
The tool will arrive electronically. You will receive an email with a link to download the manual and forms.
The APM was developed in cooperation with The Moberg Group, Inc., the leading insurance consulting firm providing services to independent agencies, such as: Agency Operations, Procedures Development, Automation Selection and Utilization and E&O Risk Management Services.

IA&B Members: $299 Members save $51

Non-Members: $350
Interested in becoming a member?

Learn about other membership benefits and cost savings.  Contact VP – Membership Tim Wonder at 800-998-9644, ext. 351 or

How to purchase:
Phone: 800-998-9644, option 1
Note: The product will be emailed directly from Moberg within 3-5 business days of ordering.

Remote Work Agreement

Do you have employees working from home or teleworking?
Establish definitive telecommuting policies and procedures for your agency. A Remote Work Agreement ensures continuity in your operations, whether your employees telecommute on a part-time or full-time basis.
Simplify the creation and implementation of your agency’s telecommuting policies and procedures. IA&B’s new Remote Work Agreement tool is a collection of Word documents, which you can customize to meet your agency’s needs. It includes Remote Work:
This product was developed by Herbein | Mosteller HR Solutions, a leading insurance agency HR partner and longstanding HR consultant to IA&B and its members.

Your Investment

IA&B Members: Complimentary (Members save $99)

Non-Members: $99

Compliance Counseling Services

Affordable, Fee-Based Solutions for Independent Agencies
We relieve the stress often associated with understanding and meeting the compliance to complex rules and regulations.
We offer services to help agencies become or remain compliant with various state and federal regulations.
We have affordable prices for Members and Non-Members.
Keeping your employee handbook up-to-date is not simply a matter of convenience. It is necessary for legal compliance.
Are you operating without an employee handbook? If so, your agency is vulnerable to issues from managing employees to lawsuits.
We can help. We can develop and customize an Employee Handbook that takes into account your agency’s specific operations and HR model. In the end, the handbook protect you and your agency.
The handbook would include:
Does your agency comply with the multi-faceted Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?
We can help. We offer a custom compliance program that includes:

For more information:

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