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How to Get a PA Property & Casualty Insurance License

Are you interested in becoming an insurance agent? Anyone who “sells, solicits or negotiates contracts of insurance” needs to become licensed.

“The P&C Licensing Study Course was a tremendous help to me. It helped me understand some of the concepts I was struggling with beforehand. Thanks to this wonderful, comprehensive course, I passed with an 89%.”

Victoria T.
You must complete 24 hours of pre-licensing education (PLE) to be eligible to take the licensing examination in Pennsylvania. IA&B can help: We provide options for people with varying schedules and learning styles. Plus, if you take our pre-licensing class or webinar, we offer a pass guarantee. (See terms below.)
Our Property & Casualty (P&C) Pre-Licensing study courses and self-study products are approved for 24 hours of PLE credit in Pennsylvania, which meets the state requirement. PLE credits are valid for one year. If you don’t pass the state exam within the one-year time frame, you must complete another study course to earn updated PLE credits.

NOTE: PLE is only required for initial licensing. Additional PLE is not needed for each line of authority.

Why Choose IA&B for Pre-licensing Study? We’ll Help You PASS the Exam!

In preparing for this exam, we have two formats – live instruction (classroom and webinar) and self-study – to help you feel confident and ready to pass the test and become an agent.

Whether you choose a live format or the self-study option, the IA&B manual and tools are designed to help aspiring agents pass the state’s P&C licensing exam on the FIRST try. Our state-specific pre-licensing guide gives would-be agents insight into answering exam questions.

1. In-Person and Live Webinar Formats

This three-day course now gives you a better chance of passing the state licensing exam on your FIRST try.

Guarantee to Pass

If you register at least four weeks prior to a pre-licensing class or webinar, you are guaranteed to pass the exam. If you don’t, you may attend another study course within one year at no charge. Updated course material and classroom registration fees may apply. This does not apply to the self-study option.
The structure of our course features a sharp focus on content most likely to appear on the test and also includes:

The live webinar format is user-friendly and delivered via the Zoom platform. All you need is internet access and audio through your computer or tablet. A webinar connection link is provided in your event confirmation. A device with a camera is not required.

Your Investment

In-Person – IA&B Member: $429 | Non-Member: $549

Webinar – IA&B Member: $329 | Non-Member: $449

*Plus shipping fees for study manual: $20 standard ground (1-5 days) and $50 expedited services (1-2 days)

Schedule (3 Days)

Registration: 7:30 AM
Seminar: 8 AM – 5 PM

NOTE: The Pennsylvania state licensing examination is reviewed and updated each year by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Course materials are updated annually to reflect these changes. Course transfers or upgrades from self-study to live instruction may trigger updated course material fees, due to the changes in the state examination.

2. Self-Study Guide Format

IA&B has written the book on insurance licensing exam preparation in Pennsylvania. Our P&C Pre-licensing manual and package helps aspiring agents significantly improve their chances of passing the state exam on the FIRST try.
Our state-specific pre-licensing guide gives would-be agents insight into the questions they should be prepared to answer when taking the exam.

Self-Study package includes:

Recorded Videos

The self-study package includes eight recorded videos presented by IA&B’s top-notch licensing instructors. These condensed presentations address all the material covered on the state exam and can be viewed as often as you like during your studies. Content from videos I, II, & III account for over 40% of the state exam questions and serve as a solid foundation for material presented in other chapters.

Corresponding Mentor Program

We urge students to work with a mentor in their agency. Our pre-licensing package includes a mentor guide at no additional cost. The guide offers strategies, schedules, and sample questions that can greatly contribute to the exam prep experience and increase the likelihood of success on the test.

Your Investment

IA&B Member: $249*
Non-Member: $289*

*Plus shipping fees for study manuals: $20 UPS standard ground (1-5 days) and $50 expedited services (1-2 days)

PLE Exam: To earn PLE credit, you will need to take a PLE exam (this is not the state licensing exam). The PLE exam verifies that you completed the required 24 hours of PLE. (There is no PLE exam with our live webinar or classroom format.)

After you register for our self-study program, IA&B will send more information about the PLE exam. Please note that it is $10 for IA&B members, and $20 for non-members.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a course completion certificate to take with you to the exam testing center. 

You will need to make an appointment to take the state licensing exam. PSI is the exam provider. After you have completed the pre-licensing education requirements, register for the Property & Casualty insurance examination at or call 888-818-5822. You can take the exam in a physical PSI examination center or via a remote, online proctored exam. Exam fees must be paid at the time of reservation.

On the day of the exam, report to the exam center 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. For the state licensing exam, you must have:
  1. One valid form of government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, military ID) that contains your name and photo
  2. Certificate that shows successful completion of the pre-licensing education requirement
You will not be able to take the exam if you do not have these items.

Almost immediately after you complete your exam, you’ll receive a Pass or Fail score. If you pass, your score report will include an application for your license.

If you fail, you’ll get a report that indicates your strengths and weaknesses by exam portion.

After passing the exam, you have the option to apply for your license. If you pass, your score report will include an application for your license, and you can apply for it right there at the exam center. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring checks, money orders, or a credit card with you when you take the exam. You will need to pay the license application fee of $55.

After you complete your application, you can look up its status at Once it’s been issued, you can print your license right from the website.

In Pennsylvania, all new license candidates must be fingerprinted (for both the FBI and state police database access).  There is a fingerprinting fee of about $24.

 You will still need a fingerprint scan, so you’ll have to register online via the IdentoGO at, or you can call 844-321-2101. You’ll get a registration number you can take with you when you go to the IdentoGO site for fingerprinting.

When registering online an applicant must use the appropriate service code assigned to the Insurance Department, which is 1KG8Q3.

Individuals should not register for a fingerprinting appointment and submit their fingerprints until after they have passed any examination requirements and applied for licensure. Any fingerprint results received without a corresponding license application will be destroyed, and individuals will be required to repay the fingerprinting fee and resubmit their fingerprints at an IdentoGO center.



Questions about Licensing Exam Preparation?

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IA&B offers licensing study course scholarships to aspiring insurance agents in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware throughout the year – apply any time. Learn more and download an application.
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