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Unlock Your Potential with the IA&B Women’s Self-Coaching Program
It’s time. It’s time to focus on you — your growth, goals, and future. You will never regret it.
Empower yourself to thrive and succeed with our transformative Women’s Self-Coaching Program. Designed specifically for women, this program offers a unique opportunity for you to take control of your life, set meaningful goals, and achieve lasting fulfillment.
Join a supportive community of like-minded women on a journey of self-discovery and growth. This program provides the tools, techniques, and guidance to tap into your inner strength and build confidence.
Through guidance and interactive workshops, you will develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, cultivating resilience, and unleashing your full potential.
While this program is self-guided, you’ll have the invaluable support of Tarryne West, a seasoned facilitator from Change One Woman. Plus, you’ll have ample opportunities to connect with other women on the same journey.

What is Self-Coaching?

Self-coaching empowers you to take ownership of your personal and professional development. It is a process of introspection and self-reflection aimed at achieving personal growth, self-improvement, and goal attainment. Unlike traditional coaching, where a coach provides one-on-one support, self-coaching is a more independent process in which individuals take on the responsibility of personal growth and development. It requires dedication, self-discipline, and a willingness to engage in continuous learning and growth.
How Does this Program Work?
It is a 12-month program starting in September 2024 with regional, in-person kick-off meetings and ending in August 2025. This program includes:

In-Person — Two Skill-Building Workshops

Presented regionally in September 2024 and March 2025, these half-day, in-person workshops teach essential tools in an interactive and supportive environment. You will learn and practice the skills that create the foundation of self-coaching. You will be able to select a location that works best for you.
Sept. 101-4 PMHilton Wilmington ChristianaWilmington, DE
Sept. 111-4 PMCourtyard Baltimore Hunt ValleyHunt Valley, MD
Sept. 121-4 PMIA&BMechanicsburg, PA
Sept. 269 AM-NoonMarriott Pittsburgh NorthCranberry Twp., PA
March 111-3 PMHilton Wilmington ChristianaWilmington, DE
March 121-3 PMCourtyard by MarriottHunt Valley, MD
March 1310 AM-NoonIA&BMechanicsburg, PA
March 1910 AM-NoonCranberry Marriott NorthCranberry Twp., PA

Interactive Webinars — 10 Monthly Trainings

In these ongoing virtual trainings, you’ll learn how to apply acquired tools to specific challenges and gain access to special interest training. Webinars will begin at 2 PM and last approximately 1-hour. They will be recorded for you to access if you’re unable to attend.
Oct 3 • Nov 7 • Dec 5 • Jan 9 • Feb 6 • Apr 10 • May 8 • Jun 5 • Jul 10 • Aug 15

Course Materials

Workbooks will be distributed at the workshops and be made available for download. They will include sections that will be used together during the in-person, skill-building workshops, along with self-paced sections to help you stay on track between sessions. Additional materials will be provided in digital format prior to any monthly webinar which requires them. You will also receive a recommended reading list, which is helpful to the self-coaching process but not required for the course. Additionally, you’ll have access to recordings of the live workshops and webinars to revisit on your own time.

Regional Self-Coaching Cohorts — You Decide How to Connect

Peer accountability positively influences personal development journeys. Throughout the selfcoaching journey, participants will be encouraged to connect regionally with other participants to motivate each other. This could happen through calls, texts, virtual or in-person meet-ups — whatever works best for you and your peers.

Program Wrap-Up

At the end of the program, we’re going to do something significant – CELEBRATE! We’ll applaud your accomplishments, reflect on your growth, and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

What Skills Will I Learn Through This Program?

With the expert support of an experienced coach, you’ll learn 4 core skills:
  • 1.

    Emotional Intelligence
    Awareness of how our emotions impact and govern our lives; managing and expressing our emotions in a healthy, productive way; and understanding the emotional experience of others.
  • 2.

    Mindset Mastery
    Harnessing how we think influences our actions, responses to challenges, and outcomes, and it allows us to tap into our most effective problem-solving and creativity skills.
  • 3.

    Nervous System Regulation
    Understanding and managing our body and brain’s response to internal and external stressors allows us to manage stress and avoid burnout.
  • 4.

    Capacity Management
    Awareness and management of our inner resources, including time, attention, and focus, as well as maximizing productivity.

About the Facilitator — Tarryne West, Change One Woman

IA&B has partnered with Tarryne West, of Change One Woman, to offer a 12-month self-coaching program.

Tarryne West has 13 years of experience as a personal and
professional development coach, specializing in helping ambitious women to build successful and fulfilling lives.

She offers private coaching to individuals, as well as working with organizations to provide their teams and members with exceptional support.

Certified in various coaching modalities and having studied psychology and professional coaching at SIT, Tarryne uses evidence-based tools to support her clients. She is currently based in the United States.

Meet the Facilitator & Learn More about this Program

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Women in insurance who work for member agencies and partners receive a discount.

IA&B Member Agencies & Partners: $499 per person ($200 savings) Non-Members: $699 per person

If you are unsure whether your agency or company is a member, please contact IA&B at or 800-998-9644, option 0  to confirm your status.

Registration Deadline: 4:30pm, Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2024

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Register by Region. Each regional group will have two in-person events, so register for this program by selecting the location that works best for you. Please only register for one.

To register online, click on the location that best works for you.

To register by phone, call 800-998-9644, option 1 (Mon – Fri, 8:30AM-4:30PM).

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