Attend a Training & Qualify for Loss Control Credit from Utica

Eligible Criteria for Loss Control Credit for Utica P&C Agents:


Professional training and development of your staff (5% credit)

  • 60% or more of the agency staff achieve a recognized designation, including but not limited to: AAI, AIC, AU, AINS, AIS, API, CRM, CPRM, CPSR, CISR, ACSR, CPCU, CIC, CSRM, and CPIA


Attendance at an approved E&O seminar (5% credit)

  • Attendance at an approved course within the last 24 months or within the first 60 days after the policy inception date
  • Required attendees by office size:
    • 1-3 staff: principal/office manager or CSR
    • 4-10 staff: principal/office manager and 1 CSR
    • 11-20 staff: principal/office manager and 2 CSRs
    • 21 and over: 20% or more of staff
  • The following are acceptable to qualify for the credit:
    • Approved courses that address E&O loss prevention
    • The CIC Agency Management course
    • The CISR Agency Operations course
    • Any CIC or CISR course for persons holding the CIC and/or CISR designation
    • The CPIA seminar – any one core or advanced course
    • The CRM Principals of Risk Management seminar
    • The CPRM Practical Application of Personal Risk Management seminar

Or all required staff attend an affiliate-conducted, in-house E&O loss prevention seminar

Attendance of an approved in-house (site of your choosing, including virtual) E&O seminar—all required staff (all internal CSR employees as well as the principal or office manager of the agency) can attend a seminar that deals with E&O loss prevention.
To coordinate an in-house seminar, contact IA&B Events Manager, Alane Fagan at or 800-998-9644, ext. 512.


An annual exposure analysis program reviewed by Utica National underwriters (5% credit)

  • Needs to be a regular part of the agency’s procedures
  • Requires that a client sign off on coverages not taken
  • 3 new and 3 renewal exposure analysis checklists must be reviewed


Self-assessment / audit completion (2.5-5% credit)

  • Completion of an agency audit or Utica National’s self-assessment (2.5% credit)
  • Completion of an agency audit or Utica National’s self-assessment and development of an action plan targeted at the opportunities identified from the audit / self-assessment (5% credit)
  • Access Utica National’s self-assessment flyer

Eligible Criteria for Loss Control Credit for Utica P&C Agents:

When you meet any of the outlined criteria, a 5% credit is applied to your premium – up to a maximum of 10% credit. There is no minimum premium threshold, and the credit will be applied after the application of any schedule rating modifiers. The criteria must be met every year for the credit to be continued.
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