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Track, prove, encrypt, e-sign, and more with RMail® and RSign® from RPost. IA&B members receive a 20% discount! Schedule a demo today.

RMail – Security and Compliance Simplified

Comply with privacy laws by encrypting outbound emails that contain sensitive data such as personal health information. RMail provides insurance agents and brokers simple-to-use email open tracking, certified e-delivery proof, compliant email encryption, secure large file transfers up to 1GB, and more. Plus, you can use existing email addresses and send messages through Outlook, Gmail, or RMail’s many other supported platforms.

RSign – E-Signatures Made Easy

Designed for simplicity, the RSign web-based process allows insurance agents and brokers to quickly and intuitively prepare and send documents to clients for electronic signature while always maintaining access and control. RSign allows:
  • Drag-and-drop document preparation
  • Web-based, guided signing
  • Access to one-click reusable templates
  • Tracking, reporting, and proof of delivery

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