Cyber Insurance

It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.

Cyber crime is a real threat to agencies and their customers. Data breach is not just about cyber security—hackers, portable devices, and stolen laptops. It includes indiscretions and negligent disclosures that can occur within your agency and lead to a breach.
Most E&O policies do not cover data breaches, and most cyber endorsements do not adequately address the exposures of an insurance agent. To avoid damage to your agency’s finances and reputation, a solid privacy and data breach policy is increasingly critical.
IA&B can help independent agencies navigate legal compliance requirements and build prevention strategies. And now, we can add another layer of protection with our new cyber insurance offering.
Insurance Placement Specialist David Wertz, CPIA can help you. Contact him at 800-998-9644, ext. 506 or email David.

The Benefit of IA&B Service Group – An Independent Agency

IA&B Service Group is an independent insurance agency for insurance agents. Gain the value of working with a team who knows the unique needs of independent agencies. IA&B also operates an association serving independent agents in PA, MD, and DE. You could benefit from IA&B loss-control seminars, manuals for compliance and legal expertise.
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