Travel Reimbursement

IA&B Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy

IA&B Form
Expenses must be submitted on completed IA&B-approved, course-specific expense report form.
Enter each date you incur expenses.
# of Miles
Enter miles traveled each day on IA&B business.
Forms must be complete with details, receipts, and a signature before being approved for payment.


Must be submitted no more than two weeks from end of event. IA&B will process within two weeks of receipt.

All expenses not meeting these guidelines will be deducted from expense check.

Type of Expense
What is Included/Excluded
Detailed Description of Expense
One Night of Lodging
At the negotiated single-room rate per day of scheduled event
# of Miles
The number of miles traveled on IA&B business
Mileage Rate
Mileage is reimbursed at the published Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rate.
Tolls & Parking Fees
Tolls, parking fees, tips, and fares reimbursed with receipts when related to event.
Air Travel
Proof of Travel
Must have ticket or payment receipt; itinerary not acceptable as proof.
Other Transportation
Fares for rental car, cab, train, etc.
Three Per Day
Breakfast up to $15 / Lunch up to $20 / Dinner up to $40
Up to two alcoholic beverages per day with meals
Tax / Tip
Tax and tip are included in the daily allowances above.
Housekeeping / Bellman
Up to $3 per day / Up to $2 per bag
Telephone / Other
What is Covered?
IA&B business telephone calls and other fax, copy, meeting room supplies, etc. reimbursed as they relate to event and otherwise unable to coordinate with IA&B staff.
What is Not Covered?
Costs for family or guests not to be reimbursed by IA&B are to be listed in the adjustments column and subtracted to arrive at Total Charged to IA&B. The total expense is to be divided by the total number of persons and adjusted for the number of persons not being reimbursed.
Above expenses must agree to attached receipts.
Receipts are essential to substantiating the business purpose of the expense as required by the IRS.
Itemized Receipt
All expenses (except tips) must be accompanied by original itemized receipt.
Attach Receipts
Check the box in the receipt column for attached receipts.
Detail of Credit Card Changes
The credit card receipts signature page of the receipt must be accompanied by the detail of the charges.
Who Included in Meals
Names and occupations of all those included on a meal receipt are to be written on the receipt (i.e. J. Smith, instructor).
Expenses Charged to Hotel Room
Items charged to an individual’s hotel room are to be accompanied by the appropriate receipt and follow the same itemization of who is included and deduction for non-reimbursable costs.
Expenses Not Paid
Expenses not accompanied by the proper receipt and documentation as detailed above will not be paid until the documentation is provided.
Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
One Form for Each Event
A separate expense report is to be submitted for different events (i.e. board meeting, committee meeting, other event) to simplify accounting.
Applies to attending meetings and events on behalf of the organizations and conducting IA&B business. Must attend all assigned meetings and events in their entirety in order to be eligible for expense reimbursement, unless receiving prior approval by the president.
Group Meals
Meals will not be reimbursed when IA&B is hosting a group meal function. Breakfast will be reimbursed when only a continental breakfast is being served.
Air Travel
In Advance
Reimbursement of your airfare no more than 30 days in advance of the meeting is permissible upon request.
Lowest Fare
It is required that you explore the air travel market and select the airline and flight that offer the lowest fare. Exceptions to airfare subject to approval of the president.
Spouse or Guest
Annual Meeting
Expenses incurred by a spouse or guest of an IA&B Director will be reimbursed for the IA&B Annual Meeting and Board Meeting.
National Meetings
Expenses incurred by an Officer or National Director assigned to represent IA&B at national meetings will be reimbursed to attend one (1) national meeting annually, i.e. Annual Meeting, Convention, Legislative Conference, or Board Meeting.
What is Covered?
Additional charge for double room; event registration fee; three meals per day when not hosted by the organization or included in the event registration fee
What is Not Covered?
Travel expenses; other spouse or guest expenses or events are reimbursed only at the approval of the Board of Directors
Spouse / Guest Form
Expenses reimbursed for spouse or guest must be submitted on a separate spouse expense reimbursement form due to IRS regulations requiring 1099 reporting for such reimbursement.

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