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Certified Insurance Service Rep. (CISR) Program

Gain the respect of colleagues and the trust of customers as you build knowledge of essential coverages and improve your cross-selling ability. You'll learn how to analyze risks and exposures while guiding customers through various coverage scenarios.  CISR courses focus on your type of business. Complete just five courses to earn your credential while choosing from nine course options. That allows you to tailor your CISR journey to match the requirements of your job.

This knowledge is key to advancement within an agency and a more fulfilling insurance career.

Who Should Attend CISR Seminars?

Everyone in the insurance field is welcome to attend CISR courses. Because course content thoroughly addresses all aspects of risks and exposures, the courses are very beneficial for new agents, as well as newer agency and company personnel. With this enriching program, those who possess enough drive and commitment have an opportunity to measure their knowledge of customer service against the high standards set by The National Alliance. The best of them become CISRs.


Earning the CISR Designations (CISR and CISR Elite)

To earn the CISR designation, you must successfully complete five of the nine seminars and pass all five multiple-choice examinations within three calendar years. Once you have successfully completed all five exams, you will earn the right to use the designation.  If you go on to take and pass all nine seminars, you will earn the CISR Elite designation. After earning the CISR or the CISR Elite designation, you are eligible to attend special programs designed exclusively for CISR designees. Special conferment ceremonies are conducted annually to recognize those who have earned the designation during the year.

Program Information

Registration Fee
Classroom: $205 per seminar (no current programs scheduled)
Live Webinar: $161 per seminar

Seminar Schedule
Registration:  7:30 a.m.
Seminar:  8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Q&A & Review:  3:45 - 4:15 p.m.
Exam:  4:15 - 5:15 p.m. (required only for individuals earning the CISR designation)

Core Seminars in the CISR program

IA&B offers the core seminars that make up the CISR program in classroom sessions throughout Delaware, Maryland & Pennsylvania.  Each Seminar is one day in length.

  • Agency Operations Seminar
  • Personal Auto Exposures Seminar
  • Personal Residential Property Seminar
  • Personal Lines Miscellaneous Coverages Seminar
  • Commercial Property Seminar
  • Commercial Casualty I Seminar
  • Commercial Casualty II Seminar
  • Elements of Risk Management Seminar
  • Life & Health Essentials Seminar

To learn more about each topic, clck here.

Maintaining the CISR Designation

To remain current, it is necessary that you update your knowledge on a regular basis; therefore, you must attend at least one continuing education session annually to maintain your CISR designation. No further examination is required.

The following will satisfy your annual update requirement for the CISR designation:

  • Attend any one of the nine CISR courses (no examination required)  See information regarding CISR Elite below!
  • Attend any William T. Hold Seminar (topics change annually)
  • Attend a Dynamics of Service seminar
  • Attend any Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) Institute for one day and receive one year of update credit, or attend an entire CIC Institute (2 ½ days) for two years of update credit. If attending for only one-day you will not be eligible for continuing education credits.
  • Attend any Certified Risk Manager (CRM) course and receive two years of update credit.

*Please contact the Society of CISR at 800-633-2165 for more information on becoming a member.

NOTE: When planning your annual update please keep in mind that you may not repeat a course in the same licensing period for CE credit. Credit will be granted only once per licensing period. In Maryland, courses must NOT be taken within six months of each other, even if taken in two different licensing periods. If you have a question whether a course is a duplicate or whether it has changed since you took it last, please contact IA&B at (800) 998-9644, option 2.

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