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Protect Your Agency Against Hackers

Recorded Webinar for IA&B Member Agency Leaders

IA&B members have reported recent ransomware and other cyberattacks. It only takes one weak point in your system for a hacker to infiltrate your agency. Just one. For example, if an employee opens a fraudulent email, a hacker could steal your data and freeze your systems. 

How vulnerable is your agency? And how can you better safeguard your business? 

Access our recorded webinar to discover how hackers can take over your system. You'll learn how you can protect your business and clients through a cyber security vulnerability assessment and how that assessment can give you confidence, as a business owner, that everything is secure. 


Webinar highlights:

Opening remarks from IA&B President & CEO Jason Ernest, Esq.

Discussion of the insurance sector's vulnerabilities, risk, and compliance requirements from IA&B Technology Advisor Paul Kapadia and Cyber Safety Consultant Harry Mehta

Testimonial on a cyber security vulnerability assessment from Keller Brown Insurance Services President & CEO Sarah Brown, CIC, CRM, AFIS

Question and answer session

Questions? Contact:

Paul Kapadia
IA&B Technology Advisor


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