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Radiant: Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment

IA&B members have reported recent ransomware and other cyberattacks. Our industry is increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime, due in part to our rapid transition to remote work.

It only takes one weak point for a hacker to infiltrate your agency. How vulnerable are you? And how can you better safeguard your business? 

IA&B has partnered with Radiant to help protect your agency. Radiant provides fee-based cyber security vulnerability assessments, conducted by certified professionals. 

Assess Your Agency

Allow an independent third party to measure your risk. Radiant will gauge the vulnerability of your agency’s devices – laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, and more – without disrupting your day-to-day operations. 

Work with Your IT Firm

Your agency’s resulting assessment will yield a comprehensive report with detailed remediation strategies – strategies that your existing IT firm can implement or that Radiant can oversee. 

About Radiant

Rely on Radiant’s expertise. The staff understands the insurance sector’s particular vulnerabilities, risks, and compliance requirements. And all assessments are conducted by certified staff. 

To learn more, contact:

IA&B President & CEO Jason Ernest
800-998-9644, ext. 415 

Certifications held by Radiant's staff:



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