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Support AgentPAC of Pennsylvania

Your AgentPAC dollars in action

Your contributions allow your voice to be heard on the issues that matter to you, your business and your customers. With the help of your AgentPAC dollars, we currently are working to:

  • Oppose retroactive changes to business interruption policies:  Legislation receiving attention from state lawmakers in both the House and Senate would mandate that business interruption insurance policies provide coverage for losses due to COVID-19, regardless of policy language. These bills would undermine existing insurance contracts and force insurers to pay for losses not supported by initial underwriting or premium collected. 
  • Increase minimum limits: Pennsylvania’s minimum auto liability limits are some of the nation’s lowest, which unfairly forces fiscally responsible drivers to pay more in auto insurance premiums because they must add underinsured motorists’ coverage. 
  • Oppose tax on commissions: Tax reform proposals continue to threaten the expansion of the sales tax to include professional services, such as agents’ commissions. We have joined forces with others in the small-business community to lobby against such proposals but must remain vigilant as lawmakers and competing interest groups look for ways to expand and shift tax burdens.

What is AgentPAC?

Through a political action committee, IA&B represents and protects your interests in state government. AgentPAC allows you to participate in the political process and is the most proactive and effective tool you have to get involved.

AgentPAC contributions help fund candidates who understand our concerns and advocate on behalf of our interests. It brings a collective force of agents throughout Pennsylvania to bear on key legislative elections that determine who controls the flow of public policy from the state Capitol. Your involvement with AgentPAC can make a difference in our ability to succeed within the political arena and further secure your future.

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Contribution levels

President’s Club - $1,000

Governor’s Club - $500

Senate Level - $250

House Level - $100

How to contribute

There are three simple ways to show your financial support.

  1. Donate online. It’s safe and secure to contribute by credit card. New: Consider spreading your generosity throughout the year by selecting to make a quarterly, recurring payment.
  2. Mail a contribution form. Download a form and return it with your check or credit card number.
  3. Call us. Make a donation over the phone by calling 800-998-9644 Ext. 607 and providing your credit card information.

Please note:

  • IA&B membership dues are not and cannot be used by AgentPAC for campaign contributions.
  • Pennsylvania law prohibits AgentPAC of Pennsylvania from accepting corporate contributions (only personal contributions are accepted).
  • AgentPAC contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Interested in supporting pro-agent candidates on the federal level?

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Have question or need more information?

Contact Lauren Brinjac, Government Affairs Director, at or 800-998-9644 ext. 607.