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Government Relations Committee Position Description

The Government Relations Committee plays an important role in the association’s advocacy program. Because of this, candidates must be able and willing to commit to fulfilling all of these responsibilities outlined below in order to be considered for appointment. Committee member terms are two years with the possibility of reappointment to additional term(s).

The Committee meets a minimum of two to three times throughout the year for the purpose of issues orientation and policy development. Meetings are held either in person or by conference call and incorporate discussions with members of the Insurance Department, legislators, or have a social element to them - i.e. golf outings with legislative guests.

Committee members may be asked to participate in periodic conference calls to address important issues as they arise, especially during active legislative sessions. Due to the nature of this Committee and the important issues it addresses on behalf of the our members, your participation when called upon is critical to the association in carrying out an effective advocacy program.

From time to time, Committee members will receive information requiring prompt review and response to staff on critical legislative, regulatory or legal issues. A packet of information will be forwarded in advance of each committee meeting requiring review by each member. With a committee of only ten members, it is imperative that you come to the meetings properly prepared for dialogue and decision-making.

Members of the Committee may be asked to participate in assigned legislative programs and events, including the IIABA National Legislative Conference, as well as testify or act as a resource at legislative or regulatory meetings and public hearings. Candidates must be in a position to participate in these areas as called upon.

The Association will cover travel expenses relating to assigned committee meetings and events as outlined in the organization’s Travel and Expense Reimbursement policy.

Last, but certainly not least—members are required to support the Associations’ PAC and to encourage other members to support the association in all legislative programs, events and actions.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee Member

  1. Participate in all committee meetings and assigned programs, events or external meetings. Where feasible a meeting calendar will be published in advance, which will include dates and times. If unable to attend all or a portion of a scheduled meeting, the member must communicate directly to the Chair to request authorization in advance of the meeting. Excused absences are granted at the discretion of the Chair. Unexcused absences of more than two meetings during any term may result in termination of the appointment.

  2. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to committee meetings and be prepared to actively participate in deliberations and decision-making.

  3. Be informed about the organization's mission, services, policies, and programs as they pertain to the committee’s purpose and responsibilities.

  4. Keep up-to-date on developments and trends on industry issues and their political and legal impact.

  5. Challenge members to support the association in legislative actions and to support IA&B political events.

  6. Support, both actively and financially, the Association(s)’s PAC(s).

  7. Support and defend the policies of the organization.

  8. Evaluate yourself as a committee member, the committee as a whole and the effectiveness of the committee’s meetings.

  9. Commit to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively and work collaboratively with the other members.

  10. Take responsibility for and follow through on given assignments.

  11. Place the larger interests of the organization above personal concerns or interests.

  12. Testify and/or act as a resource at legislative or regulatory meetings, including public hearings.

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