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Volunteer with IA&B

We need you because you're an insurance specialist.

You're the one meeting with insurance consumers. You're the one with the challenges faced by small-business people. You're the one who knows the coverage options inside and out. Yes, you're the one with the experiences!

We need to tap your knowledge and learn from you. What do you need from us? How can we help improve your industry? How can we help you and your agency become better?

Why get involved?

We are a member-centered organization. This means the strategic direction and decision making process are done to meet your wants, needs, and expectations. But first, we need to know what you want, need and expect.

Involvement also has its benefits, both professional and personal, with opportunities to:

  • expand your network,
  • increase your knowledge and experiences,
  • contribute to your profession, and
  • grow into a leadership position (should you desire).

How can I get involved?

There are several ways. Find one (or more) that best suits you and get involved! Yes, we want your knowledge.

Futures Program (young agents)

Our Futures Program is devoted to developing today’s young agents (under age 40) into tomorrow’s leaders. 

Time commitment: Varies. The program is in its infancy, so we rely on as-needed young agent input groups to drive our focus. Currently, we offer a Facebook group for young agents to connect and collaborate. We anticipate adding mentorship and education opportunities. 

Learn more about the Futures Program


Member Agent Panels

Join fellow member-agent decision makers to share your goals and challenges and to weigh in on how Insurance Agents & Brokers (IA&B) can best support your agency. 

Time commitment: Each meeting lasts two hours.

Learn more about Member Agent Panels


Government Relations Committee

Your state's Government Relations Committee provides input to our legislative staff to help shape legislation to benefit the industry and small businesses.

Time commitment: The committee meets as necessary during the legislative session - usually two or three times a year. Most meetings are via conference call, but occasionally in person in either Dover (De), Annapolis (Md) or Mechanicsburg (Pa).

Learn more about the Government Relations Committee

See who serves on our Government Relations Committee

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Serve on IA&B's Board of Directors

Want to become a leader of our great organization? We are always looking for agents interested in a leadership position, either now or sometime in the future.

Time commitment: The board meets four times a year. Each meeting is two days in Mechanicsburg, Pa. 


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Participate in grassroot events

Sometimes the best way to have our voice heard on Capitol Hill is to meet one-on-one with legislators. We do this both at the state and national level. Legislators make policy decisions about our industry and often times they don't have the experience or knowledge in all areas. They heavily rely on their constituents to tell them what is important and to be that "go-to" person of reference.

You're the expert and we need your help in educating those who make the laws that impact your industry.

Time commitment: Grassroots meetings at the state/local level are typically 1 hour long in the legislator's district office. The federal legislative conference each spring in D.C. is two days.

Learn more about our grassroots and legislative events

See who attends our legislative grassroots events

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Contribute to our Political Action Committees

Volunteering doesn't only mean giving of your time. We need contributions to our Political Action Committees to be able to fund efforts to support candidates who understand our concerns. The legislators we support advocate on behalf of our interests.

Time commitment: None (or however long it takes to write a check.)

Learn more about contributing to your Political Action Committees

See who contributes to the PAC in Delaware | Maryland | Pennsylvania


Would I be in this alone?

No! In fact, there are over 150 agents who participate on a Member Agent Panel or with our input groups, nearly 30 agents serve on a Government Relations Committee, more than 50 agents participate in grassroots events both locally and in D.C., 20 agents serve on our Board, and hundreds of agents contribute to PAC. We have a place for you!

Ready to get involved?

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