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IA&B Mission

The Association is an organization dedicated to effectively preserve and advocate the American Agency System as a value added distribution method, and to the development and availability of programs, products and services that partner with our members and customers in sustaining and advancing their operations.



The objectives of the Association are to:

  • Develop and maintain a membership base;

  • Maintain Association organizational strength and infrastructure to implement its strategic plan;

  • Provide programs, products and services needed by members and customers;

  • Provide and/or exchange information among and between our members and customers;

  • Promote the value of the member to insurers and the public;

  • Advocate the member interest before the government and legal system, our companies and the public;

  • Make available educational and professional development opportunities for members and customers;

  • Assist members to adapt and compete in the marketplace; and

  • Engage in other objectives as may be approved by the Board of Directors to fulfill the Mission of the Association.



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