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Emerging Coverage Issues

Uber, Drones, Marijuana and Certificates

Topics creating a "buzz!"

Of course we're talking about agent comments. What did you think we meant? Here are a few testimonials from those who've already attended:

"This was a terrific course about newer hazards presented to the industry."

"Steve was great and the info on emerging coverages was fascinating."

"Loved the instructor! Kept our attention."

"I loved this course. Steve was an exceptional speaker and I would definitely recommend this class to anyone."

"Steve Lyon was excellent. Great knowledge and presentation, I never felt bored."

"This was my first course with Steve Lyon. I found Steve to be upbeat and kept the content of the course moving. He had the insight and knowledge to teach this course."

This class discusses some of the cutting-edge issues involving the insurance industry today.  See how carriers and the courts are interpreting coverage for these issues and what you can do to help protect and advise your clients. Topics will include:

  • Medical Marijuana:  Explore state vs. federal laws, insurability, recreational vs. medicinal, ramifications of doing business with legal dispensaries, obtaining life insurance for marijuana users (legal and illegal).
  • Nano Technology:  What is it? How will new exposures surrounding this trillion-dollar business sector be handled by our existing insurance policies? Are “nano-particles” the next asbestos crisis?
  • Autonomous Vehicles:  Google’s driverless cars have logged 300,000 miles without an accident. These vehicles will become available to the public by 2019. By 2035, 54 million of these vehicles will be on the road. How will it impact the auto insurance industry?
  • Drones: Are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) always considered “aircraft?” Can they be legally flown according to FAA regs? Discover the commercial uses of drones (including insurance companies).
  • Genetically Modified Organisms: What are GMOs and how were they developed? Now common in food, GMOs have been connected to health problems, environmental damage and violations of farmer and consumer rights. Are engineered foods safe and what is their impact on insurance?
  • Ride Sharing: The “Sharing Economy” (featuring Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc.) is wreaking havoc on the insurance industry and our personal lines coverage forms. Coverage for customers and providers is in jeopardy.
  • Social Media/Web Activity and the HO Policy:  ISO and MSO Homeowners and Umbrella forms have chosen to deal with these issues in two very different ways.  Cyber bullying, texting, sexting, tweeting, etc. all create uncharted liability exposures causing some companies to restrict coverage.
  • Golf Carts, Motorized Bikes, Fork Lifts and other odd vehicles:  Is there liability or physical damage coverage for these odd vehicles?  Are they subject to vehicle registration and insurance?  If so, how do you insure them?
  • New Certificate Forms and Additional Insureds:  The new ACORD 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance contains many changes, including a new column for Waiver of Subrogation. This controversial form has created quite a stir in the industry.  Learn how and when to properly use the ACORD Liability, Property and Leased Vehicle certificates, and analyze requests often received to add third parties as additional insureds.  Learn why most Blanket Additional Insured Endorsements don’t do what you think they do.
Remaining Locations and Dates

Pittsburgh, Pa.—July 25
Allentown, Pa.—August 1
Wilmington, Del.—August 2

CE Approvals

Delaware 8 GEN, Maryland 8 PC, Pennsylvania 8 GEN

About the speaker

Steve Lyon, CICA former independent agency owner, Steve is the founder of Lyon Consulting Services, LLC, and educational consulting firm.  Steve uses the 33 years of experience that he gained through managing a third generation agency and combines it with his love of education to bring you relevant examples and stories!  


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Seminar—8:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m.

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