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William T. Hold Seminars

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William T. Hold seminars are one-day seminars designed specifically for individuals who have concentrated role in customer service.  These programs are a great annual update option for CISR designees; however, holding the designation is not a requirement for attendance. 

2017 Topics (a few dates still available)

  • Protect Your Client / Protect Yourself 
  • Commercial Lines Challenges:  Additional insureds, Cyber and Contractors/Builders Risk


2018 Topics - NEW!

Contracts & Leases:  Understanding the Insurance Requirements

Agents must navigate a sea of paperwork that assigns financial responsibility in the event of a loss.  This course will examine terms of agreement found in contracts and leases that must be understood in order to effectively advise customers of their insurance needs.

Contracts and leases are binding agreements in which two or more parties agree to do (or not do) something.  Contracts can also be used to transfer the obligation to pay for certain losses from one party (indemnitee) to another (indemnitor).  This is an indemnification agreement, and for the transfer to be successful, the indemnitor must have the ability to pay.

Such agreements often create questions like:  Are the liabilities assumed under the agreement covered by the indemnitor's liability policies?  Do additional insureds create unintended liabilities?  Who's responsible for damage to leased property?  What are the insurance requirements and can they be satisfied?

Topics tackled:

  • Contractual Liability
  • Indemnification agreements
  • Insurance requirements
  • Additional insured problems
  • Requirements of leases
  • Auto rental agreements
  • Certificates of insurance


The Good Life:  P&C Coverage Concerns for the Financially Sound

So maybe your insured doesn't have a private jet, Manhattan penthouse or other luxury enjoyed by the absurdly wealthy.  But your insured has worked hard, done pretty darn well, and wants to enjoy the fruits of the labor.  This course dives into the roll that you - the P&C agent - play in helping to protect your insured's future from a damaging loss that could quickly turn the good life into one that's absolutely no fun at all.

Issues discussed:

  • Insuring second homes
  • Concerns with condos
  • Insuring Time Shares
  • The growing exposure of vacation rentals
  • Coverage concerns with rental cars
  • Golf carts - covered or not?
  • Use of watercraft
  • "Beer money" aka income-producing activities
  • Coverage for volunteer services
Search and register for an upcoming seminar.



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Upcoming Programs

WT Hold: Comm Lines 
        Nov. 28 ~ Ft. Washington, PA
CISR Agency Operations 
        Nov. 28 ~ Mechanicsburg, PA
CISR Comm Casualty II 
        Nov. 29 ~ Wilkes-Barre, PA
E&O: Meeting Change 
        Nov. 29 ~ Macungie, PA
E&O: Meeting Change 
        Nov. 30 ~ Newark, DE
Comm Property Claims  
        Nov. 30 ~ 1 - 4 pm Webinar
CISR Comm Casualty II 
        Nov. 30 ~ Exton, PA
CIC Comm Property 
        Dec. 4-7 ~ King of Prussia, PA
P&C Lic. Study Course 
        Dec. 5-7 ~ Pittsburgh, PA
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