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PR/Media Relations

You have a message worth hearing

Position yourself as the industry expert you are. Share your insurance insight with consumers (customers and prospects) through local media outlets.

Spread the word

All too often the insurance industry receives a bum rap in the press. Counteract it with tips to reduce risk, local commentary on national (or international) insurance news and tales of your agency's good deeds. Building a rapport with local media outlets will pay dividends.

Together, we can get the job done

IA&B streamlines media outreach. Resources include media outreach strategies and template press releases, along with step-by-step instructions on how to use each. IA&B simplifies creating and implementing a PR strategy.

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Create a public relations plan
Personalize template press releases
Leverage your media exposure

Best practice

Commit to the task. The benefits of earned-media (publicity) far outweigh the efforts that media outreach requires. However, understand that developing and implementing a public relations outreach strategy and creating media relationships take time and perseverance.


Insurance Agency Website

ActiveAgency gives your agency a custom-designed website and includes powerful lead-generation tools.

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