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Carrier Relations

Learn more about carriers and how to improve your relationship with them.

Agency & company relations — Learn how to build a better relationship with your carriers through:

  • The Company Satisfaction Index, a tool that allows members to benchmark their relation with insurance carriers, and review their peers' experiences

  • Educational tools to decipher Agency Contracts and our agency agreement review program

  • Resources to understand your rights when your agency is Terminated

Carrier compliance — Wondering if a carrier handled a policy properly? Find answers to frequently asked questions about laws and regulations pertaining to:

  • Claims handling and fair or unfair claims practices

  • Credit scoring

  • Policy cancellations and non-renewals

Financial ratings & solvency — Insurer solvency affects agency procedures. Learn more about:

  • How to monitor your carriers' financial health

  • How financial ratings impact agency operations, the legal and E&O implications of carrier downgrades, what you can say and what you shouldn't say

  • What to do if one of your carriers is under rehabilitation or liquidation, and what state laws require of agents

►  Company use of Predictive modeling

 Power Hour Webinar (members only): Understanding Predictive & Catastrophe Modeling



MY Advocate

This short video (2:30) features members describing how IA&B protects their interests in the capitol and with carriers.

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        Dec. 7 ~ Ellicott City, MD
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        Dec. 7 ~ Altoona, PA
Gaps: Home/Work/Auto  
        Dec. 7 ~ 9 am - noon Webinar
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        Dec. 11 ~ 1 - 4 pm Webinar
LTC Funding  
        Dec. 12 ~ 9 am - noon Webinar
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        Dec. 12 ~ 1 - 4 pm Webinar
WT Hold: Comm Lines 
        Dec. 12 ~ Mechanicsburg, PA
        Dec. 13 ~ 2 - 5 pm Webinar
P&C Licensing Course 
        Feb. 6-8 ~ Mechanicsburg, PA
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