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Travelers Partners with Amazon

October 11, 2018
1:45 PM

Travelers this week launched its Smart Home Insurance Solution through the insurance industry’s first digital storefront – The carrier will pilot the initiative in California, Colorado, Missouri, and Wisconsin and intends to expand it into more states later this year. Travelers touts the program as a selling point for producers and an opportunity to save consumers money on smart-home protection.

Travelers Smart Home Insurance Solution includes the following offers:

  • Consumers in select states who purchase a Travelers dwelling policy are eligible for a free Amazon Echo Dot and discounts on a smart-home device kit.
  • Consumers in select states who purchase other property policies (i.e. tenant, condo, and landlord) also are eligible for a discounted smart-home device kit.

Travelers is likely trying to reach potential customers where they are and where they now shop for other items. In addition, Travelers is weaving insurance into tech-friendly gadgets, such as its introduction of new Alexa skills. One skill will assist Travelers home insurance policyholders with questions about billing and payments. (For example, “Alexa, ask Travelers when my bill is due.”)

Another Alexa skill will enable all consumers to access property maintenance and home safety tips. (For example, “Alexa, ask Home Central for a fall home maintenance tip.”) In turn, CNN reports that the Echo Dot will provide the carrier with valuable data, such as consumers’ common questions and concerns.