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CE Requirement Refresher

August 7, 2018
3:20 PM

Stay in regulators’ good graces by meeting the training requirements necessary to sell, solicit, and negotiate the lines of business for which you are licensed. The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) recently clarified producers’ continuing education (CE) requirements – an effort likely triggered by licensee confusion.

Maryland resident producers must earn 24 CE credits during each two-year licensing period. However, certain factors affect the requirement, including:

  • The number and types of lines for which you are licensed
  • How long you have been licensed

Our online resource details Maryland’s CE and training requirements. Review it for highlights and explanations of the state’s CE regulation.

Access our synopsis of CE requirements

Or review a recording of the MIA’s recent 30-minute webinar which clarifies producers’ CE requirements and answers frequently asked questions.

View the MIA’s webinar

Find a CE course near you