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Data Analytics Pinpoint Hail Damage

June 5, 2019
10:15 PM

Severe weather during the past two weeks brought hail to locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. But were your customers’ properties damaged? You may be able to find out through the analysis of weather data.

We just learned of WeatherCheck from industry tech guru Steve Anderson who shared:

WeatherCheck is a tool you could use in your office when a client calls in with a potential hail damage claim. You can also use if for a newsletter to provide your current clients with a tool to help them better manage their insurance program.

WeatherCheck relies on “weather scientists, AI professors, climatologists, cloud computing engineers, and claims analysts” to analyze storm data. The result is address-specific information to determine if a property may have sustained damage from past storms, as well as to mitigate damage through the prediction of future hail events. The information also could be used to confirm the validity of roofing contractors' claims of hail damage. 

WeatherCheck offers single address checks and monitoring without charge. Advanced options exist to monitor multiple properties.

Learn more about WeatherCheck