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How secure is your website?

May 9, 2018
2:20 PM

Collecting consumers’ information via your website provides many benefits,* from improving your customers’ experience to streamlining your agency’s workflow. But if you capture information (think: contact or quote-request forms), it’s critical that your website has the proper security in place.

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is the technology protocol for securing internet connections and the sensitive data sent between systems. To test if your agency website is secure, try the free SSL server test available from SSL Labs. (Hat tip to Steve Anderson for his recent blog post about this service.)

Simply access the SSL Labs SSL server test and plug in your agency’s website address. Click “submit,” and within a few minutes, you’ll receive an overall grade that indicates your website’s security (along with a detailed report that likely contains more than you’ll ever want or need to know).

If your agency website doesn’t test well – or if it’s just not performing for you – consider an upgrade. We’ve partnered with Forge3 to deliver an exclusive version of the ActiveAgency website platform for IA&B members. ActiveAgency is a complete, cost-effective and secure website solution.

Learn more about ActiveAgency

* Look back at our February 2018 Primary Agent magazine for the feature article “5 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Use Website Forms to Improve Business.”