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Insurance Department requests producers’ help

May 3, 2018
9:45 AM

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) is asking for your help to alleviate consumer complaints surrounding PennDOT’s auto insurance notification requirements. The PID emailed licensed producers this week with the request.

At issue is that Pennsylvania law requires an auto insurer to notify PennDOT when it cancels a driver’s insurance policy, but it does not require that driver’s new insurer to notify PennDOT about the newly issued policy. As a result, drivers often receive a letter warning that PennDOT will suspend their registration if they don’t provide proof of insurance.

The PID receives thousands of complaints each year from drivers who switched auto insurers and then received warning letters from PennDOT.

The PID is asking producers to help educate consumers on the requirement. Options for updating their proof of insurance with PennDOT include:

  • Email updated insurance information to PennDOT at
  • Fax proof of insurance to 717-772-1550
  • Mail a copy of proof of insurance to: Financial Responsibility Unit, PO Box 68674, Harrisburg, PA 17106

In this week's email to producers, the PID shared a brochure for producers to distribute that outlines these steps, as well as a link to PennDOT’s online Proof of Insurance form.