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How to comply with new paid sick leave law

February 1, 2018
9:55 AM

Paid sick leave is now the law, after the legislation ping-ponged between the Maryland General Assembly and Gov. Larry Hogan. As reported previously in Agent Headlines, the law is set to go into effect on Sunday, Feb. 11 – unless lawmakers pass pending legislation to delay enforcement for 60 days.

To help members comply with the new law, we worked with our HR consultant to develop a Q&A. The online resource answers:

  • To whom does the law apply and how?
  • What does the law generally require?
  • When does this go into effect?
  • How much sick time does the new law require?
  • What else do I need to know?
  • What if you’re in a county that already has a sick-leave law?
  • What if I award PTO rather than sick time?
  • What should I do right now?

Access the Q&A

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of compliance issues, a link to this article was included exclusively in the Agent Headlines emails sent to those members marked as “primary” in our database. If you are not the agency owner or do not handle HR in your agency, please forward this article to the appropriate person(s).


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