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Policies and Procedures

To ensure consistency and reduce E&O exposure, agencies should have a policies and procedures manual in place, laying out tasks and workflows. This tool should:

  • be used to support staff activities
  • be used to train new employees
  • meet "Rules of Evidence" requirements
  • be reviewed periodically and updated as needed

New customizable Agency Procedure Manual

To help agencies develop their own manual with significantly less work and at an affordable cost, IA&B now offers an Agency Procedure Manual (APM) product. Our new APM is a customizable collection of electronic documents that agencies can use to formally document their business procedures and policies. The tool comes stored on a USB drive (thumb drive).

Click on the manual subsections below to view the contents in each:

General Agency Procedures
  • Automation Policy
  • Credit and Collection Policy and Procedures
    • Statement of General Policy
    • Client Payment Options
    • Insurance Policy Delivery to Client
    • Assigned Risk Policies
    • Advances to Companies on Behalf of Clients
    • Accepting Payment Past Cancellation Period
    • Applying Credits
    • Cash Handling Procedures
    • Producers' Role in Agency Credit Policy
    • Cancellation of Unpaid Accounts
    • Billing and Policy Procedures
    • Collection Procedure
    • Procedures for Clearing of Past Due Receivables
  • Binding Procedures
    • Guidelines
    • Securing Coverage
    • Internal Control
    • Additional Points
  • General Mail Handling
    • Mail Delivery
    • Mail Handling
    • Outgoing Mail
  • Document Management Procedures
    • Overview
    • Sorting Incoming Mail
    • Personal Lines Incoming Mail Processing
    • Commercial Lines Incoming Mail Processing
    • Employee Benefits Incoming Mail Processing
    • Scanning Incoming Mail
  • Claims Processing
    • Dealing With Insureds and Claimants
    • Dealing With the Company
    • Claims History
    • Claims Mail Handling
    • Summons and Complaints
    • New Reports
    • Workers' Compensation Claims
    • First Party Drafts
  • E&O Procedures
    • Potential Claims
    • E&O Claims Review Committee
    • E&O Prevention
    • Client & Company relationships
    • Legal Issues
    • Agent Duties
    • Why E&O Occurs
  • E&S/Residual Market Procedures
  • Suspense System
  • Record Retention Schedule
  • Standard Conversation Form Procedures
  • Telephone Transactions Procedures
    • Taking Messages
    • Members of Families of Agency Personnel
    • Fax Procedures
  • Electronic Communication Procedures
    • e-Mail Procedures
    • Internet Procedures
Commercial Lines Procedures
  • Lead Development
  • Quotation Work Flow & Procedures
  • New Business Work Flow & Procedures
  • Renewal Work Flow & Procedures
    • Section A - Renewal Review
    • Section B - Renewal Not Received Prior to Expiration Date
    • Section C - Renewal Policy Received Prior to Expiration Date
  • Endorsement Work Flow & Procedures
  • Cancellation Work Flow & Procedures
    • By Insured
    • Agency Billed Non-Pay
    • Direct Bill Non-Pay
    • Company Issued, Non-Renewal & All Other
  • Reporting Policies Work Flow & Procedures
  • Audit Work Flow & Procedures
    • Final Audits
    • Interim Audits
  • Checking and Verification Work Flow & Procedures 
Personal Lines Procedures
  • Quotation Work Flow & Procedures
  • New Business Work Flow & Procedures 
  • Agency Bill Renewal Work Flow & Procedures
  • Direct Bill Renewal Work Flow & Procedures
  • Endorsement Work Flow & Procedures
  • Cancellation Work Flow & Procedures
    • Cancellation Requested by Insured
    • Company Issued Direct Notice of Cancellation of Direct Billed Policy (Non-Payment)
    • Company Issued Direct Notice of Cancellation of Agency Billed Policy (Non-Payment)
    • Agency Issued Direct Notice of Cancellation (Non-Payment)
    • Company Issued Direct Notice of Cancellation/Non-Renewal (All Other)
  • Checking and Verification Work Flow & Procedures
    • Policy Review
Employee Benefits & Financial Services Procedures
  • Introduction
  • Prospecting
  • Quotation Work Flow & Procedures
  • New Business Work Flow & Procedures
  • Renewal Work Flow & Procedures
    • Renewal Remarketed
    • Renewal Not Remarketed
  • Individual Life & Health Insurance Workflow & Procedures
  • Checking and Verification Work Flow & Procedures
  • E&O Considerations
Job Descriptions
  • Operations/Agency Manager
  • Commercial Lines Manager
  • Account Executive/Premier Commercial Accounts
  • Account Representative/Premier Commercial Accounts (CSR)
  • Standard Commercial Lines Agent
  • Account Representative/Standard Commercial Accounts (CSR)
  • Commercial Lines Technical Assistant
  • Personal Lines Manager
  • Personal Lines Agent
  • Personal Lines CSR
  • Personal Lines Technical Assistant
  • Bookkeeper/IT
  • Receptionist

The APM also contains more than 120 forms, worksheets and checklists as well as links to related IA&B resources.

SAMPLE: Personal Lines Endorsement Work Flow and Procedures

SAMPLE: Commercial Lines Audit Work Flow Procedures

Our new APM was developed in cooperation with The Moberg Group, a leading insurance agency consulting firm. Whether processing a non-premium endorsement or the most complex reporting form policy, our APM makes the process simple with easy-to-follow workflows that work with any agency management system.

What does an APM cost?

IA&B Members: $299

Non-Members: $350

How do I purchase an APM?

Order your Agency Procedure Manual by clicking the link below. The product ships directly from Moberg within 3-5 business days of ordering.

Order an Agency Procedures Manual online 

Download an order form (required only if paying by check)


Need help?

Fee-for-service counselors are available to help in lieu of many of the DIY compliance resources described here.
800-998-9644, option 4

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Agency Procedure Manual

Customizable documents to formalize agency workflows.

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