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ACORD End-User License

New Member Benefit: Complimentary ACORD License

As a member benefit, most Insurance Agents & Brokers (IA&B) members can avoid payment of ACORD’s new annual end-user license fee.

What is this license?

Beginning soon after Jan. 1, 2020, ACORD will require end-user licenses for all ACORD form users – including agents, brokers, and carriers. ACORD will continue requiring agency management systems and other ACORD-form distributors to maintain licenses as well.

Insurance producers must acquire an end-user license starting Jan. 1, 2020, or they will no longer be permitted to use ACORD forms (even through their agency management systems).

How much is the fee?

The annual end-user license fee varies based upon agency revenue and could be up to $2,500.

How can I waive this fee?

The vast majority of IA&B members will access this license free of charge. Our national affiliates (the Big “I” in Pennsylvania and Delaware and PIA National in Maryland) negotiated with ACORD to cover the fee for most member agencies.

ACORD will require producers to sign an end-user agreement and to verify their Big “I” or PIA National membership to waive the fee. Visit to get started. 

Tell me more.

Visit our national affiliates’ websites at the following links to read the latest on complimentary licenses, including which agencies qualify.

Pennsylvania & Delaware agencies   

Maryland agencies 

What if I’m not a member?

Agencies that join IA&B can benefit from a complimentary ACORD end-user license. An ACORD license is one of the many ways agencies can save time and money through their IA&B membership.

All IA&B members are also automatically members of our national affiliates (the Big “I” for our Pennsylvania and Delaware members and PIA National for our Maryland members). Have questions about membership? Contact IA&B VP-Membership Tim Wonder via email or at 800-998-9644, ext. 351. 

Learn about membership 

To qualify for the complimentary license, member agencies must access ACORD forms through their agency management systems or other ACORD-authorized, third-party forms distributors and have an annual P&C gross revenue of less than $50 million.

Agencies that access the forms directly from ACORD will need a subscription. IA&B members with less than $1 million in annual revenue qualify for a discount.


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