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IntellAgents Salary Survey Information


All IA&B member agency "primary" contacts received an email invitation to complete the survey. If you didn't receive it, watch for follow-up emails that will include a link to the survey. 

Why Participate in the Salary Survey

Every agency principal who completes the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the IntellAgents Compensation Report (valued at $149) – a report specific to independent agencies’ roles and to your geographic area.

This report will show you how your agency’s compensation stacks up against other agencies. Click here to see a sample report. 

Helpful Tips Before Starting the Survey

What you need to take the survey:
Before you get started, make sure you have an employee roster that includes base salary, commission, bonuses, and benefits.

Agencies with nine or fewer employees:
Agencies with 1-9 employees will complete the entire survey online.

Agencies with 10 or more employees:
Agencies of 10 or more employees will complete the first part online. Once you indicate 10 or more employees, the online portion will end, and we will send you the second part as a spreadsheet (so it’s easier to provide data on numerous employees).

Q&As with Independent Agents

Q: What if I didn’t receive the survey? 
A:  Verify these three things: 

  1. Check with your agency’s primary IA&B contact. The salary survey was emailed to people who are listed as the "primary" in IA&B's member agency database. If you're not listed as the agency primary, you may want to follow up with the appropriate person to ensure it was received.
  2. Double check your email inbox. 
  3. Check your junk folder. 

If you still can't find it, email IA&B Vice President - Advocacy Claire Pantaloni

Q. Can I forward my survey link to someone else?
A. The survey link you received is customized for your agency, so you should not share the link with anyone – except someone in your agency to whom you may have delegated the function (e.g. an HR person). If you know another agency that would like to take the survey, contact us. 

Q: What are the survey questions so I know what specific information to have ready?
A: Click here for the survey questions that you can print and use as a worksheet.

Q: I’m concerned about privacy.
A: All information you provide is confidential. IntellAgents only processes the data in aggregate; we do not have access to your individual agency information.

Q: I’m willing to provide salary and benefits but concerned about providing an employee’s birthdate or NPN.
A: Two answers for this one:

  1. Employee’s birthdate – This data is used to provide you with a unique Generational Health Report for your agency. The report allows you to visually see the balance (or imbalance) of your agency related to both the roles and the ages of your team. If you are still reluctant to provide the exact DOB, improvise and use 01/01 as the month and day yet enter the correct year so your report is accurate for your agency.
  2. Employee name/NPN – It is optional to use this specific information, yet you will want to use an identifier for each employee. You could simply use Employee 1, Producer A, etc. If you use this method, find a way to remember which employee is assigned to each code to make it easy to update going forward. Remember this is your data and will be available to you on your agency portal/dashboard in the future.

Q: Can I start the survey and come back later to finish?
A: Unfortunately, you can't. You will need to complete it in one sitting.

Q: One of the fields isn’t working correctly? What do I do?
A: Let us know, and we will report it to our IntellAgents team to resolve.

Q: Our agency is an LLC entity. Where do we show our dividend income?
A: Show any income that is not base salary or commissions as bonus income.

Q. What if I have branch offices?
A. Make sure to include all staff for your agency, regardless of location. 

What is IntellAgents?

IA&B is investing in and partnering with IntellAgents LLC, a new industry-specific analytics-driven organization. Our end goal is to provide you with actionable insights to make more informed business decisions. This compensation study is the first phase.

Your participation is key to this initiative’s success. And rest assured the information you share will be kept safe and never shared with a third party.

Please complete the survey by Friday, March 29.

If you have any questions or input, contact:
Claire Pantaloni
IA&B Vice President – Advocacy
800-998-9644, ext. 604
Claire Pantaloni


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