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IntellAgents Salary Survey Information


All IA&B member agency "primary" contacts received an email invitation to complete the survey. If you didn't receive it, click here to begin. 

Why Participate in the Salary Survey

Every agency principal who completes the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the IntellAgents Compensation Report (valued at $149) – a report specific to independent agencies’ roles and to your geographic area. This report will show you how your agency’s compensation stacks up against other agencies.

Helpful Tips Before Starting the Survey

On May 1, we released a LITE version of the survey (shorter and less detailed than the original), which still entitles you to receive the complimentary compensation report. To take the LITE survey, simply stop at question No. 40 and answer "I do not wish to continue." This will bypass the questions on individual employees. 

If you wish to take the original, full version of the survey, contact Claire Pantaloni

What you need to take the survey:
Before you get started, make sure you have an employee roster that includes base salary, commission, bonuses, and benefits. Click here to preview the survey questions. (Again, you may stop at question No. 40 and select "I do not wish to continue.")

Ready to Take the Survey?

If you have all of your information handy, select your home state below to begin the survey. Please note that you must complete the survey in one sitting. 





Q: I’m concerned about privacy.
A: All information you provide is confidential. IntellAgents will provide the compensation report in aggregate form. 

Q: Can I start the survey and come back later to finish?
A: Unfortunately, you can't. You will need to complete it in one sitting.

Q: One of the fields isn’t working correctly? What do I do?
A: Let us know, and we will report it to our IntellAgents team to resolve.

Q: Our agency is an LLC entity. Where do we show our dividend income?
A: Show any income that is not base salary or commissions as bonus income.

Q. What if I have branch offices?
A. Make sure to include all staff for your agency, regardless of location. 

What is IntellAgents?

IA&B is investing in and partnering with IntellAgents LLC, a new industry-specific analytics-driven organization. Our end goal is to provide you with actionable insights to make more informed business decisions. This compensation study is the first phase.

Your participation is key to this initiative’s success. And rest assured the information you share will be kept safe and never shared with a third party.

If you have any questions or input, contact:
Claire Pantaloni
IA&B Vice President – Advocacy
800-998-9644, ext. 604
Claire Pantaloni


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