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Data Breach Insurance

Important coverage for independent agents

Cyber crime is a real threat to agencies and their customers. Most E&O policies do NOT cover data breaches. To avoid damage to your agency’s finances and reputation, a solid privacy and data breach policy is increasingly critical. You are entrusted with your customers’ sensitive information and responsible for taking proper measures to ensure privacy.

IA&B has a strong reputation for helping members navigate legal compliance requirements and building prevention strategies. We can now add another layer of protection with our new Data Breach Coverage. Whether you need an endorsement to your E&O or a full-fledged, stand-alone data breach policy, we have options to address different types of breaches and agencies. In addition to protecting against losses from cyber crime, policies can be customized to cover indiscretions and negligent disclosures by anyone.

Coverage is affordable, and we can tailor a plan to meet your unique needs.

Our privacy and data breach options encompass different types of breaches and different facets of agency needs. Data breach is not just about cyber security—hackers, portable devices and stolen laptops. It includes indiscretions and negligent disclosures that can occur within your agency and lead to a breach. The resulting cost is not just about mandatory notification of a breach, it’s also about forensics, the risk of regulatory fines and the mitigation services that customers expect.

Financing Your Agency's Data Breach Coverage

You can use premium financing to manage your agency's Data Breach Insurance costs when you purchase your policy through My Agency.

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