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Support AgentPAC of Pennsylvania

Through a political action committee, IA&B represents and protects your interests in state government. AgentPAC allows you to participate in the political process and is the most proactive and effective tool you have to get involved.

AgentPAC contributions help fund candidates who understand our concerns and advocate on behalf of our interests. It brings a collective force of agents throughout Pennsylvania to bear on key legislative elections that determine who controls the flow of public policy from the state capitol. Your involvement with AgentPAC can make a difference in our ability to succeed within the political arena and further secure your future.

Quarterly Contributions

We have made contributing to AgentPAC easier. Now spread your generosity through the year by splitting your contributions into quarterly, recurring payments. No more trying to remember if you gave, no more solicitations from us, and you can have a positive impact on your industry.

Donate online today and make your contribution an ongoing pledge.

Please note:

  • IA&B membership dues are not and cannot be used by AgentPAC for campaign contributions.
  • Pennsylvania Law prohibits AgentPAC of Pennsylvania from accepting corporate contributions (only personal contributions are accepted).
  • Agent PAC contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Show your financial support:

There are two simple and easy ways for you to show financial support:

  1. Donate online with a credit card. It's safe and secure.
  2. Download and mail a contribution form.


Currently your AgentPAC dollars are:

  • Working to increase minimum auto liability limits in the state
  • Opposing proposals to increase and expand the state sales tax base to include professional services, including agent commissions






Get your staff involved in AgentPAC.


InsurPac is the political action committee of IA&B's national affiliate, the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big “I”). Just like AgentPAC, InsurPac enables the Big "I" to fund efforts to support pro-agent candidates on the federal level.

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Download and mail a contribution form


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