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EZ Pay FAQs for renewing IA&B members

What is EZ Pay?

EZ Pay includes two dues payment options for member agency principals who wish to pay with a credit card.

  1. Annual charge—one lump sum for the total annual dues amount charged once every year.
  2. Monthly charge—1/12 of the total annual dues amount (plus a $1 convenience fee) charged every month (option available only for renewals made by April 30).

NOTE: Agencies that want to use an EZ Pay option must have their "preferred contact" OR the designated "alternate contact" log in and select those options. 

Is my membership automatically renewed with EZ Pay?

Yes. Both options enroll members into auto renewal status—credit cards will be immediately charged for an initial payment, then automatically charged at the beginning of the next renewal period (first week of April 2018 for full annual charges for the 2018-19 membership year or the first week of May 2017 for monthly payers). There will be NO future dues invoicing for agencies selecting EZ Pay. Just “set it and forget it.”

How do members choose an EZ Pay option?

The easiest way is to renew online. After clicking the “Pay Now” button, you will be presented with the two EZ Pay options. Another option (though discouraged because of limited customer service resources) is to call 800-998-9644, option 3 to have an IA&B representative renew and select a payment option for you.

How does it differ from the former method of paying annually with a credit card?

Choosing EZ Pay automatically renews an agency’s membership by automatically charging the member’s credit card. There is no need for them to do anything to remain a member.

Can an agency pay with a credit card without enrolling in EZ Pay/auto-renewal?

Yes. Though less convenient, a one-time annual payment, can be made by skipping the EZ Pay options and paying the full annual dues amount with a one-time credit card charge. 

Will EZ Pay options be available after April 30?

The MONTHLY option WILL NOT be available after April 30. The ANNUAL option WILL remain available.

When will the dues payment(s) be charged to the card?

When selecting annual EZ Pay, the initial payment of the full annual dues will immediately be charged to the card. The next annual payment would be charged during the first week of April, 2018 (and every April thereafter).

When selecting monthly EZ Pay, the initial payment (1/12 of the total annual dues amount) will immediately be charged to the card, and subsequent payments (including an additional $1 convenience fee) will be charged during the first week of each month thereafter (beginning in May). When selecting this option, a pop-up message acknowledging the agreement to an additional $1 fee and automatic renewal must be clicked.

How will the charge appear on the credit card statement?

It will read simply “IAB.”

What happens when the credit card expires or needs to be changed for any reason?

You must call us at 800-998-9644, option 3 to provide new card information.

Does IA&B keep credit card information on file?

No. For security purposes, our accounts receivable partners Pay Pal store it in an encrypted database.

What if they have additional questions?

Call 800-998-9644, option 3 or




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