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Member Agent Panel Meetings

WHO attends Member Agent Panel (MAP) meetings?

Meetings would include you and a select group of fellow agents from your region as well as at least one IA&B board member (also an agent from your region) and representatives of the association's senior management. More than 130 independent agents have attended these MAP meetings.

WHAT is expected of me?

Requirements are simple:

  • be an owner, principal, or key decision maker of your agency
  • commit to attend a three-hour meeting
  • openly discuss issues that affect you
  • provide honest feedback on our programs and services
  • participate in the discussions as you feel comfortable
  • bring topics of interest to you to our attention

WHEN and WHERE are the meetings?

Meetings are held in 13 locations -- one in Delaware, three in Maryland and nine in Pennsylvania.

WHY are these meetings important?

MAPs are just one way we gather input from our membership. Feedback from each meeting is discussed with our Board of Directors to help them make the best possible decisions regarding the programs, products and services we offer to all members.

I am interested, what do I do?

Complete this brief statement of interest form.

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