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About the Organization

When you ask about us, you'll learn that we're all about you. You — the independent agents of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania — are the driving force behind our professional training offerings, government affairs work, agency tool development, and carrier and legal advocacy. Meeting your needs and helping you succeed are our focus at Insurance Agents & Brokers (IA&B).

Our organization

Our organization is a partnership of three agents' associations:

  • The Delaware Association of Insurance Agents & Brokers Inc.
  • The Insurance Agents & Brokers of Maryland Inc.
  • The Insurance Agents & Brokers of Pennsylvania Inc.

Each state association is committed to its members and program of action, yet benefits from the economies of scale and shared expertise of joining hands under the Insurance Agents & Brokers Service Group management arm. You can count on our organization, which is led by dedicated agent volunteers and staffed by 24 professionals, to provide industry-leading professional development, advocacy, industry information and knowledge base, communications and more.

Our philosophy

We're committed to delivering value to you through our member-centered, customer-driven philosophy. We accomplish this through a dynamic system of member inputs and feedback that help set the strategic direction of our organization. This philosophy is built on Association Best Practices, the standards for innovative non-profit organizations.

Our national affiliations

The Delaware Association of IA&B and IA&B of Pennsylvania are affiliated with the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA). IA&B of Maryland is affiliated with PIA National.

Our website

This site contains a wealth of resources for members. Click below for an orientation video.

Power Hour Webinar: The Best Knowledge Base You've Never Seen



Hear from our members

Watch this short video to hear what "IA&B for ME!" means for these members.

MY Advocate

This short video (2:30) features members describing how IA&B protects their interests in the capitol and with carriers.

Watch the Video

E&O Insurance

The IA&B Sales Center is the agents' agency for stable coverages that protect your business.

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